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Search in the data

Using the endpoint /search one can search through all the data for a specific string. Another way of using this endpoint is to filter for a specific property. See examples




The following GET-parameter are available:

Name Type Description
q= string Query string to be searched in all indexed data. See example
filter= string Filter the search result for one property:value pair. See example
sort= string Sort the datasets by a specified property. Allowed sorting options are asc or desc. See example
size= integer Number of datasets that should be returned by the search. Default: 10
from= integer Offset from where to begin returning size-number of datasets. Default: 0
format= string Format in which the data should be reported by the API. Default: json. See Content-Type

Searching results can be refined through the use of bolean operators (AND, OR, AND NOT), phrase search using "", and truncation using *. See advanced example

Furthermore a search can be performed using

Content-Type of return data

The Content-Type of the returned datasets is defined by the format property. Following values are allowed and lead to the correspondingly formatted answer:

  • json - plain json (default)
  • jsonl - line delimited json
  • nt - N-triples
  • rdf - RDF
  • ttl - Turtle
  • nq - N-quads


Some of the below examples we use the json-manipulating tool jq to reduce the output for overview’s sake. For more information on how to use jq, see their tutorial.

Simple Query

$ curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"
[{"@context":"","@id":"","@type":"","about":[{"@id":" 80190","identifier":{"@type":"PropertyValue","propertyID":"RVK","value":"AN 80190"},"keywords":["Allgemeines","Buch- und Bibliothekswesen, Informationswissenschaft","Bibliothekswesen","Bibliothekswesen in einzelnen L\u00e4ndern und einzelne Bibliotheken","Einzelne deutsche Bibliotheken","Bibliotheken D","Dresden","S\u00e4chsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universit\u00e4tsbibliothek"],"name":"S\u00e4chsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universit\u00e4tsbibliothek","sameAs":[""]},{"@id":" 67700","identifier":{"@type":"PropertyValue","propertyID":"RVK","value":"AN 67700"},"keywords":["Allgemeines","Buch- und Bibliothekswesen, Informationswissenschaft","Bibliothekswesen","Bibliotheksarten","Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken"],"name":"Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken","sameAs":[""]}],"alternateName":["SLUB"],"alternativeHeadline":"S\u00e4chsisches Staatsministerium der Finanzen. Staatshochbauamt Dresden. [Text Michael Bartsch]","contributor":[{"@id":"","name":"Bartsch, Michael"},{"@id":"","name":"Sachsen","sameAs":""}],"dateModified":"2016-05-11T07:07:48Z","datePublished":"2002","inLanguage":["ger"],"isBasedOn":"","mentions":[{"@id":"","@type":"","name":"S\u00e4chsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universit\u00e4tsbibliothek Dresden","sameAs":""},{"@id":"","name":"Geb\u00e4ude","sameAs":""}],"name":"S\u00e4chsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universit\u00e4tsbibliothek Dresden","publisher":{"@type":"Organization","location":{"name":"Dresden","type":"Place"},"name":"Freistaat Sachsen, Staatsministerium der Finanzen"},"sameAs":[""]}]

Field Query

One can query a field directly by using q=field[.subfield]:querystring. A detailed description of the query syntax can be found within the Elasticsearch documentation

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" | jq '.[].preferredName'
"[SLUB Dresden]"
"Test SLUB Dresden"
"Innenansichten SLUB 2010"
"Der Weg zur SLUB"
"Der Neubau der SLUB"
"Seniorenschulungen an der SLUB"
"SLUB präsentiert Handschriftendatenbank neu"
"Nachgefragt: Nutzer beurteilen SLUB positiv"
"Umstellung des Mailsystems der SLUB"
"Und sonntags in die SLUB!"

Filtered Query

Filters must be given in the form property:value, where property can be a path concatenated by dots (“.”).

Special characters like @, :, and / need to be escaped using Percent-encoding

Example for valid filters:

property/path value filter string
@type Dresden
$ curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json"
[{"@context":"","@id":"","@type":"","alternateName":["Bereichsbibliothek DrePunct","SLUB-Bereichsbibliothek DrePunct"],"dateModified":"2019-03-17T12:34:00Z","isBasedOn":"","location":{"@id":"","description":"Ort","name":"Dresden","sameAs":""},"preferredName":"S\u00e4chsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universit\u00e4tsbibliothek Dresden. Bereichsbibliothek DrePunct","sameAs":[{"@id":"","isBasedOn":{"@id":"","@type":"Dataset"},"publisher":{"@id":"","abbr":"VIAF","preferredName":"Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)"}},{"@id":"","isBasedOn":{"@id":"","@type":"Dataset"},"publisher":{"@id":"","abbr":"KXP","preferredName":"K10Plus"}},{"@id":"","isBasedOn":{"@id":"","@type":"Dataset"},"publisher":{"@id":"","abbr":"DNB","preferredName":"Deutsche Nationalbibliothek"}}]}]

Sorted Query

For sorting a property (-path) must be defined (compare Filtered Query example) as this will be the property where the sorting is applied to.

$ curl -X GET "" | jq '.[] | {title: .preferredName, location: }' 
  "title": "Wirksamkeit der EU-Unterstützung für Belarus, Moldau und die Ukraine im Bereich Freiheit, Sicherheit und Recht (gemäß Artikel 248 Absatz 4 Unterabsatz 2 des EG-Vertrags)",
  "location": " Luxemburg"
  "title": "Střední Povltaví",
  "location": " Praha"
  "title": "Friedrich Smetana, \"Die Moldau\"",
  "location": "Altenmedingen"
  "title": "Stifterrecht und Kirchenpatronat im Fürstentum Moldau und in der Bukowina eine historisch-dogmatische Studie zum morgenländischen Kirchenrecht",
  "location": "Amsterdam"
  "title": "Greece your strategic partner in the new millennium",
  "location": "Athens"
  "title": "Art und Entwicklung der Bodenerosion in Südrussland",
  "location": "Bad Godesberg"
  "title": "Konfliktmanagement und Konfliktprävention im Rahmen von OSZE-Langzeitmissionen eine Analyse der Missionen in Moldau und Estland",
  "location": "Baden-Baden"
  "title": "Die Verfassung der Sozialistischen Föderativen Republik Jugoslawien  = Ustav Sozialističke Federativne Republike Jugoslavije",
  "location": "Beograd"
  "title": "Grundriss der polnischen Verfassungsgeschichte",
  "location": "Berlin"
  "title": "Feld-, Noth- und Belagerungsmünzen von Deutschland, Österreich-Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, Moldau, Dänemark, Schweden, Norwegen, Russland, Polen u.s.w.",
  "location": "Berlin"

Advanced Example

To find a entry with the title Carbonverstärkt entspannen erster SLUB-Lounger aus Textilbeton eingeweiht lets use only the two words SLUB and textil. To do so we have to combine both in the following way:

curl -X GET "*%20AND%20SLUB)" | jq '.[].preferredName'
"Carbonverstärkt entspannen erster SLUB-Lounger aus Textilbeton eingeweiht"

Textilbeton is matched by textil* and both strings are combined with the AND operator. Note, that the spaces have to be escsaped as %20 according to Percent-encoding

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