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SLUB LOD API documentation

The API provided by for Linked Open Data can be used to process datasets from different sources (K10Plus, SWB), enriched with norm data from multiple authority providers (GND, wikidata, SWB, …).

There is an interactive UI where you can experience the API directly and try out some requests with various options before coding them.


Try the API

Explore our data


We provide a way to explore our data interactively using the exploratory search. It is a frontend that let you jump from topic to topic based on their existance and mutual occurences in our resources. Feel free to plunge into our data.

API usage

For a detailed overview with examples please have a look at API endpoints. If you are interested what information are contained in our API you might be interested in the Data Types page.

Connect with OpenRefine’s Reconciliation service

The API implements an interface to OpenRefine’s Reconciliation service through the endpoint /reconcile. So if you want to use the API with OpenRefine see the documentation with examples for the reconcile endpoint

Behind the scenes

If you are interested how the data was processed from the sources to end up in our API, you may want to have a look at the mappings page. Sources we have used are listed with their licence under Data Sources.

Adopt this project for your own LOD-API

The implementation of our LOD-API can be adopted by you since it is published under the Apache 2.0 licence.

View API implementation on GitHub