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How to query the API

The API is used through its endpoints. Depending on the task at hand some endpoints are better suited than others. You can also have a look at the comprehensive Swagger UI.

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Search for an entry

The endpoint /search provides an interface for searching through all resources

Query one source index (SWB, K10Plus) directly

The endpoint /source realizes a direct interface to the (unprocessed) source datasets located in different source indices. A dataset can be requested with its index-specific ID.

Query datasets by its entity (‘persons’, ‘organizations’, ‘events’, …)

The endpoint /{entity_index} gives the possibility to query only specified entities.

Query an ID used by an authority provider (GND, wikidata, SWB, …)

The endppoint /{authority_provider} are used to query one dataset by its ID provided by authority providers like GND, wikidata, or SWB.

Connect via OpenRefine reconciliation API

The endpoint /reconcile can be used with Google’s OpenRefine.


Our API is not suited for bulk-download of data. It will not return more than 10’000 results.

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