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OpenRefine Reconciliation Service

Our API also has an endpoint to use the OpenRefine Reconciliation Service API as well as OpenRefine’s Data Extension API.


Set up as reconciliation service

  • Open an arbitrary project
  • select ReconcileStart reconciliation … in the head of a column
  • In the new window: Press Add Standard Service …
  • Insert our /reconcile endpoint as


Using the prepared file painter_born.json which only contains painter’s names and date of birth we want to enrich these persons by:

  • their place of birth (birthPlace)
  • date of death (deathDate)
  • GND-ID (contained in sameAs)

Usage of the OpenRefine Reconciliation and Data Extension API

Import example file

  • open a new project in OpenRefine
  • copy the file’s URL into OpenRefine’s Web Addresses (URLs)
  • Uncheck [ ] Preserve empty strings in order for the json file to be parsed correctly. The preview in the top part of your window should now show a table with two columns: One for the name and one with the birth date.
  • Continue with Create Project >>


  • Select ReconcileStart reconciliation … in the head of the name column


  • Insert as additional Standard Service and select it


  • Select “Person” as entity and inclue the “--born” column as birthDate (See Data Type details for Persons). Eventually, press Start Reconciling


  • Not-matched data have to be matched manually by choosing the right dataset.


Add new columns based on reconciled values

  • Based on the reconciled values we now can add new value with the API’s content
  • Choose again the column where the reconciliation took place and select Edit columnAdd columns from reconciled values …


  • Here we search and add new properties: birthPlace, deathDate, and sameAs. Finally, apply the addition by pressing OK.